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   Noshirwan Daboo; Son of Dasturji Khurshedji Dabu (Dastur of Wadiaji Atashbehram Mumbai) ,  Had a Multifaceted Life.

An Artist, A  Teacher at Parsi Orphanage at Surat, his teaching method was unique.  Instead of giving lecture or reading from the book he painstakingly  prepared charts and drawings to present the class. Once he took the class , you don't need to open the book and read it.  With his charts and drawings he left an impression on the minds of his students they will never forget.  such was his way of teaching!  A Writer of Innumerable Articles, Composer of scores of Poems.

  He was very simple, believed in Simple Living & High Thinking, Loving, Caring ~ Husband, Father, Uncle, Son. Fondly called by most children as 'Noshir Uncle'.

   Like Father-Like Son!  He had Inspirational thoughts regarding religious matters, Like his Esteemed father, wrote many religious Articles In Jam-e-Jamshed in Particular & other Publications - Gratis!, Gave Many a Lecture on Religious, as well as Cosmopolitan Issues. Written / Published many a books.  A Humour Based Jolly Attitude to the Hardships of Life. Believed in Providence. Even in His Physical hurdles, he would bear the pain, using his 'WILL POWER' as he used to state. Sit on his chair; after his routine prayers, would start writing on any piece of paper he found. Tried to Help any one who chose to ask him regarding any religious topic, he would invariably reply  to that person's Address by Postcard. 

  At Times if he thought that topic to be relevant for all would take up that Topic in one of his Articles. Unfortunately, he never kept any copy of his articles/stories/poems etc. He would send the fair copy to the publication & tear the rough copy, into the waste Basket!

  He used to create 'Best From Waste' as he would fondly say. Making Carvings from Soaps, Paper Cuttings.He was fully backed by his loving, caring wife, Goolcheher, who he termed as his 'Better Half'

    After his long stint at the orphanage in Surat, he came to Ahmedabad, posted as a Store Purchasing Officer at the Ahmedabad Advance Mills (Locally known as Tata Advance) At Ahmedabad. Created Religious charts using only Colour Ball-pens Mostly Red & Blue. Also using colur pencils for better effect. Would create a Poster within 3 Hours on Demand.

   Acted,  Directed, wrote Many skits & plays. He would fondly term himself as 'laK-ptI'  in Gujarati emanaI laKvaanaI QaUna - & also as having Lakhs!  (As He had a tendency to Write in his free time)

Noshir Khurshed Daboo

Family Group Photo

From Top Left: Navroz Dabu (Son) ; Binaifer Dabu (Daughter-in-law) ; Vira Karanjia (Vevaan) ; Yazdi Karanjia  (Vevaai)

Bottom Left: Goolcheher Daboo (Wife) ;  Behzad Dabu (Grand-son) ;  Noshirwan Daboo (Self) ; (Not In picture) Navzad Dabu (Grand-Son)

                                  Bio-Data of Noshir Daboo
                     (Born – 5TH Oct 1921  ~ Expired 5th July 2013)


                                     In Surat (1948-1963)

  • Teacher in J.J. School Surat (B.A.,T.D.) Subjects; Farsi, Moral Science, English, Gujarati.

  • Surat Boys Orphanage (House Master)

  • Senior Officer- Saint John Ambulance Brigade.

  • Govt. Certified First Aid Lecturer.

  • Civic Guard Warden (Civil Service)

  • All Gujarat Story Competition.(Savita Gold Medal)

  • Saint John Brigade Service ( Queen Victoria Silver Medal)

  • Saint John Brigade Service (Mahatma Gandhi Seva Gold Medal)

  • All Gujarat Open First Aid Competition (Gujarat Silver Medal)

  • Physical Training Gymnasium Leader (Certificate)

  • As Secretary of Mitra Mandal & Pragatimandal.

  • Religious Discourse – Poetry Competition – Drawing Art Certificate.

                              In Ahmedabad (1964-2013)

  • Tata Advance Mills – As Store Purchasing Officer.

  • As Secretary – Bazm-e-Jashn-e Ruze Behram.

  • As Vice President – Parsi Montessori – Parsi Education Society.

  • Gyanpith Award by Gujarat Vidyapith for– AhIMsaa jrqaaoostI Qama- naI najro rsaalaao.

  • Life Member –Ushta Te –Propagation of Religion.

  • Written about 15 Books on Zoroastrian Religion / Culture.

  • Continuous Articles on religion & poems in Jam-e-Jamshed, Parsiana & Other Publications Mostly in Gujarati

  • Zoroastrian Religion / Cultural Display at Sanskar Kendra (Museum)

  • T.V. Interview– Farohar Films Mumbai – Review of Museum Project at Ahmedabad. Hand drawn Charts Displayed as a series.

  • 115 Hand Drawn Pictorial Colour Charts, Depicting Zoroastrian religion & Culture. {Gifted To Zoroastrian Museum & Information Center In Udvada, for permanent Exhibition}

  • PARSIKA Exhibition (Parsi cultural Heritage) at Hutheesing Art Gallery & Gujarat Parivar Fair.

  • Zoroastrian Representative in Sarva Dharma Parishad –Giving Lectures on Zoroastrian Religion & its Effect on All Religions.

  • Excellence in Community Welfare Award – Given By Parsee Youth League of Ahmedabad (PYLA) in 2001.

  • Submitted a paper to K.R. Cama Oriental Institute Mumbai – on’ Firdawsi’s Philosophies, Morals & historical Richness as Depicted in 'Shanameh’ in 2001

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